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Comparable Sales

Find the comparable sales you need in ways never before possible.
Our proprietary comparable sales data is researched, analyzed and prepared with precision; in-house, by real estate experts.

Property Records

Our NYC property records contain most accurate and up-to-date data available. We're always updating, validating and curating our data to continuously add value for our users.

Stay Organized

Save search results to folders and group folders together. Copy entire groups and folders, create property specific notes and save search criteria to decrease duplicative work and increase productivity.

Property & Sales Reports

Create accurate, detailed and professionally designed Property and Comparable Sales reports. Easily implement our reports into your appraisal, development prospectus, CMA or other professional report.

Export Data

Leverage our highly customizable data-exporting tool and significantly improve your business operations. Create custom tailored export templates to increase your efficiency.


Quickly and easily access extensive details for all ACRIS documents recorded for any NYC property. See all properties each document is recorded against and link directly to the source document.

Assessment & Taxes

Historical and current NYC property assessment & tax data for all real property, condominium, REUC, air rights and subterranean rights tax lots, with our proprietary analytics baked in.

Income & Expenses

Find historical and current income & expense data that include our proprietary analytics baked in for nearly every income-producing property in NYC.

Building Applications & Permits

Access all NYC Department of Buildings applications, permits and certificates of occupancy for every property. Find all the detail in an organized fashion as well as links to the source documents.

Owner Contact Info

Get contact information for current and past property owners. Search for properties by owner's name. Search for sales by buyer's name, seller's name and lender's name.

The Geographically Niched Real Estate Platform Crafted by Industry Experts

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Accurate Data

Accurate, up-to-date and reliable data.

Baked-in Analytics

Proprietary data prepared with precision.

Deal Sourcing

Find deals and supporting market data.

Marketing Tools

Market to the right owners at the right time.

Detailed Reports

Detailed property and sale PDF reports

Export Data

Highly customizable data exporting.

Create Folders

Stay organized and reduce duplicative work.