Our Story

PropertyBook was founded out of passion for the art of real estate and frustration with the lack of accurate data readily available to real estate professionals. As seasoned real estate appraisers and industry veterans, we know first hand how crucial it is to have accurate and up-to-date data; anything less is unacceptable to us. Regardless of how much time or energy it takes, we work relentlessly and creativity, continuously innovating to solve the problem at hand and achieve clarity. Leave no stone unturned; that's our approach.

Embedding these principals into the core of our professional practice over many years earned us a reputation of being real estate experts. Accurate and timely data is by far most important to conducting a credible and accurate real estate analysis. Advanced real estate research and analysis skills are acquired through extensive experience and cannot simply be taught, which makes it extremely challenging to scale a professional service real estate business without compromising product and service quality. Since compromising quality is not an option for us and many of our colleagues, we set out on a mission to solve the data problems real estate professionals regularly encounter by scaling our advanced real estate research and analysis skills to create PropertyBook.

It was obvious to us that the most prominent problem with other real estate data platforms is that the people creating them are not real estate experts; which has continuously resulted in a disconnect between these platforms and their end-user's true needs.

The Solution was for true real estate experts to craft a data platform that solves the many problems real estate professionals face on a daily basis. So we bridged the gap by architecting and engineering a proprietary database containing the most accurate NYC real estate data ever made available, and an intelligently intuitive platform to serve users our unrivaled data.

PropertyBook's data is unrivaled in accuracy and enables you to make intelligent informed decisions faster and more confidently than otherwise possible. Leveraging PropertyBook's data and intuitive platform will instantly add value to your business's bottom line by increasing the quality of your work, and decreasing the time you spend on research and analysis.

Our rare combination of advanced real estate, database and programming skills, together with our passion, determination, pride of workmanship and attention to detail, make us an outlier in the real estate data space, and a force to be reckoned with.

Our Mission

Be New York City's most trusted source for real estate data.

What We Do

Market Research and Analysis

Routinely conduct general and specific New York City market research, keeping a close eye on all market driving forces.


Data Collection and Validation

Extensive data collection followed by multi-layer cross-data validation and aggregation to ensure our data is the best.

Proprietary Algorithms

Application of our proprietary algorithms, data science techniques, hands-on research and data confirmation.


Analyze and Curate

After we've collected, validated, researched and analyzed the data, we curate it by adding analytics that provide users instant market value insights.


Update Database

Our database is updated daily, ensuring users have access to the most up-to-date property data and market activity.


Research & Development

We're constantly developing new products, features, components and datasets to bring greater value to our users.

Knowledge. Experience. Passion. Integrity.

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