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The Authority in New York City Property Data.

A boutique real estate technology, advisory and consulting firm.

At , we’re in the business of supplying our clients with the property data they need to succeed. We meticulously track every New York City real property tax lot, condo unit, and co-op unit, giving our clients access to the most accurate and up-to-date NYC real estate information. Extensive research, information verification, and a deep understanding of real estate are at the core of what sets apart. Our ability to consistently deliver the most accurate property information available has gained us the trust of top real estate professionals across New York City.


empowers you with a combination of intelligent search tools and resources to gain and maintain a deep understanding of the New York City real estate market.

Accurate data is the core of our business, and a primary focus at . We've developed the most comprehensive data warehouse comprised of property records from virtually all NYC government departments, including the Department of Finance, Department of Planning, Department of Buildings, Board of Standards & Appeals, and more.

The data we gather is cleansed, validated, analyzed and processed; then used to update property and sale records, and extract changes and trends occurring in the market. This data is made available for our clients to search, find and analyze.


Our clients recognize a distinct and measurable advantage by having access to the most accurate property information available.